Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to claim my listing?

When you claim your listing it tells our staff whether or not you have looked at your listing and verified that all your business information is correct. It is critical to the integrity of the directory that we have accurate information about your business and we appreciate your time to complete the process.

How do I claim my listing?

  1. Locate your business in the directory.
  2. Click on the button that says “Click here to claim this listing.”
  3. A form will appear for you to enter your contact information. Complete all the fields in the form.
  4. We will create an account for you and associate it with your listing.
  5. We will send you an email with your username and password so you can login and edit your listing.

What is a “Tag/Keyword”?
A Tag / Keyword is a word or set of words that are descriptive and specific to your business. Use words that you think people would use to search for your listing in our directory. You can add tags / keywords when you create your listing or when you login and edit your listing. Separate each tag / keyword with a comma.

How do I put a YouTube VIDEO on my profile page?

  1. To have a video on your page you must be signed up with a Gold Listing Package
  2. Go to and bring up your video
  3. Copy your YouTube URL from the address bar of your browser, or from the grey box to the top right of your video. When you click on the white box that is labeled “URL” the letters will go blue. Right click on your mouse and select “copy”
  4. Login to your account on
  5. From your “Welcome Page” click on “My Directory Listing”
  6. Click on “Published Listings”
  7. Click on “Edit”
  8. Right click in the white text box beside “Website URL: http://” and select “paste”
  9. Email us at: if you require assistance.