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The families are confident their parents live in the best retirement home because the technologies are up to date ? On top of WiFi Internet access and mobile phone services, are you looking for an alert system to secure the entire retirement home ? Did you know Giant-Care’s applications are compatible with your Internet, your telephony and your alert security system in place ?

  1. Chose to communicate with confidence any alert, phone call and the Internet from your residence and up to the street
  2. Bet on your 2020 technology objective to upgrade your old nurse call, phone system and Internet access towards WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular networks, for tablets, phones and the security of your residents
  3. The EG-Protocol is compatible for alert units from manufacturers such as Lifeline, Tunstall and IgeaCom
  4. Giant-Care applications improve the security, the communication and the top management work
  5. The EG88 Interconnector links the retirement home phone services with Giant-Care application’s platform PR500

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