Major Air Systems Ltd.

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We at Major Air decided that we could not offer the cheapest prices for servicing and maintaining chillers, if we were going to provide high quality materials, and high quality service, along with keeping our mechanics highly trained, on the latest version of control panels and equipment. If a customer is looking for the cheapest initial price, we tell them that they may have to go elsewhere. Major Air deals in quality.

The cheapest initial price turns into the highest cost over time.

If you are satisfied with the operation & reliability of your chiller, and have prompt courteous service, we feel that you should stay with your present service company. If you are having problems, such as the cost of the service calls that are required to keep your chiller operating, are much higher than the initial cost of the contract, then Major Air would be pleased to bring your chiller back to reliable, efficient, operation. Please call us.

Major Air has a highly trained staff that specializes in centrifugal and absorption chillers, of all manufacturers. Our mechanics love to solve problems. In many cases, the contract cost to the customer is their total yearly cost for service and maintenance. Some service contractor’s mechanics have very little training on centrifugals & absorbers and actually make their company more money by the number of service calls they generate through their lack of experience.

Even though eighty percent of our work is centrifugal chiller service, our mechanics are skilled in all mechanical aspects of HVAC in commercial buildings.

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