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Security Management Services was founded in 1988 by partners who had significant experience in the security and investigation market. We chose the Easter Island statues “Rapa Nui” as our Corporate Logo, with the Latin inscription of Vigilatia (Vigilence), Robour (Strength) and Scientia (Knowledge), to symbolize our commitment to protect residential and commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area market. Much like the “Rapa Nui” and “Moaii” statues, who protected the residents of Easter Island from foreign invaders for thousands of years, it is our objective to be a strong and lasting company with a vision to provide effective long term security solutions to our market.

We started business by offering professional uniformed security guard services to the High Rise Residential, Commercial Building, Trade Show and Convention market, in the Greater Toronto Area. We quickly took on many prestigious clients including the world’s largest Stamp Show “CAPEX” which was held in Toronto in 1996. Because of our background we also offered private investigations services, such as Background Checks, Surveillance, Integrity Testing to the Insurance Industry, Legal Community and the Retail Sector. One of our founding partners, Fred Link, a retired US Military Intelligence Colonel, developed the renowned interviewing seminar “The Kinesic Interview Technique” which he taught to Law Enforcement and private sector Investigators throughout the USA. We began to offer this unique seminar to the Canadian security market and have since conducted countless open registration and in-house seminars for the private sector and for government agencies across Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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