Wireless RNA

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Drawing on almost two decades of telecommunications experience, Wireless RNA provides high quality, cost-effective emergency call, access control, wander protection and telephony systems for long-term care, retirement and hospital facilities.

In addition to supplying and maintaining these systems, we focus on providing total alarm management solutions, integrating technology so that information flows to those who need to know.  We serve as a signal point of contact — one telephone call — for support and assistance.

Unified Alarm Management
Unified Alarm Management enables staff to be effectively notified of all critical situations within a facility — patient calls, security breaches, and environment alerts.  Alarms are immediately routed to particular staff, or a series of staff, anywhere in the facility.With wireless telephones, those same staff can also make and receive telephone calls within and without the facility.Unified Alarm Management connects people and information, contributing directly to greater staff effectiveness, security and, most importantly, to a better quality of care for residents.

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