Zip TeleCom Inc

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Better Value

  • We make it our business to find innovative ways to reduce the cost and complexity of your business phone system and deliver unchallenged value.
  • Little to no capital outlay to get started with low predicable monthly bills means a lower total cost of ownership; on average we help our customers cut their telecommunication costs by 20-40%.
  • Our phone systems provide an impressive array of features previously only available to large enterprises with the financial and technical resources to implement and manage them.

Better Technology

  • The system is fully scalable to grow as your business grows; there are no limitations to the number of phones or remote offices you can add.
  • We integrate quality of service (QoS) protocols to ensure that the voice traffic on your network receives the necessary priority over other traffic to deliver reliable call quality every time.
  • Our standard deployments include full fail-over capabilities so your digital phone service isn’t affected if the power goes out or your Internet connection goes down.

Better Service

  • Our innovative Client Management program is designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium-sized business.
  • Our commitment is to be your outsourced phone IT resource and that means being there to help you get set up quickly and resolve issues fast.
  • We understand the importance of always having a dial-tone and provide guaranteed response times to your service needs.

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